July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

June 29, 2014

Camping Trip

So we decided to go camping Thursday and Friday because we always just go for 1 day and we really wanted to go for 2. We wanted to check out this place outside of Logan Canyon called Gibson Lakes which is actually across the Idaho border. We get to the turn off and it's a 4 wheel drive trail and there was even one part where we had to drive through water. The kids were LOVING it. They were all hanging out their windows squealing. Hailey had her flashlight and she was using it as a microphone saying, "And now we are driving up the trail....and let's see what's next oh my!" ..."And now here's the Mom. She is in love with a CRAZY man!" lol Oh boy it was funny. They thought their Dad was pretty crazy for going on this trail! So we find a beautiful spot, set up our 2 tents, canopy shade and it started raining. We played some games in the kids tent.
 It rained ALL night. Not like a little sprinkle, like heavy down pouring ALL night. Kevin and I didn't sleep a minute just thinking about how on earth the trail home was going to look like after all this rain! So the kids got up and all climbed into our big tent to wait for the rain to stop. They were starving and after realizing it probably wasn't going to stop, Kevin and I ran out in the rain and cooked pancakes, eggs and bacon and kept it all warm in the dutch oven until it was all done then we ran into the tent and we all ate breakfast in the comfort of our tent. 
It was actually really fun. :)
I read the kids 5 or 6 children's books from my tablet and told Kevin, "Okay we are going to run out of things to do really fast in this rain" and just about then the rain stopped so we all came out to get some air! We had just enough time to build a fire and go for a short walk. 
Jay is so afraid of fires, even when we do them in our fire pit in our backyard. He had his face covered the entire time and then he actually fell asleep and when I moved him to the tent he woke up and still wouldn't look out thinking the fire was still there. SO funny.
 We had to make the decision of staying another night and hoping the rain was done, or using the break from the rain to pack up all our gear. We decided to pack up. I sent the kids on a little nature hunt of things to find while we packed up.
We got everything packed up and I made some sandwiches for the drive home and literally not even a minute after we were done it started raining again. Guess we made the right decision! 
Hailey got in the car and said, "A. We get the hell out of here! B. Turn up the heat and C. Lets get home!!!" (I laughed pretty hard first and then told her that heck is a better word to use lol)
So we were just praying the roads weren't too washed out or muddy to get home and lucky for us they weren't.
It was an adventure for sure! We made it home and the kids still got to camp out one more night since we had to set it all up to dry out in our backyard....even got to do some smores too.

Wind Caves

 Last weekend we hiked the wind caves. We hiked it two years ago when we first moved to Logan. So pretty!
 Its about a 4 mile hike and all the kids walked on their own. Scott and especially Arianna complained a lot, but we made it! lol
 Hailey hiked the entire 4 miles without one complaint. She is such a little athlete. Towards the end there was lots of crying from Ari, and even Scott. We got to the car and Hailey says, "Phew! That was fun!" lol

And not related, but this cutie was hiding in the hiking backpack the whole time so I didn't get any good pics of him. So handsome this little guy! Love him!

June 16, 2014

When you marry someone you might have some clue, but not too much on whether or not they will be a good mom or dad until it actually happens. I am so lucky I picked such an amazing father for my children and am so blessed! He really is the best! 
(Just ask the kids and they will tell you)
The kids made lots of homemade cards and we framed the feet picture for his office. My gift was to help him organize and clean out the garage. We spent all night Friday and all day Saturday.... 20 hours, building shelves, hanging a cabinet, organizing and re-arranging, and he now has a nice clean garage where he can work on his projects! 
 This is Hailey's poster board card she made...the part that makes me laugh is when she explained what the very bottom part was.... it is a worm family underground and the little worms are making their daddy breakfast in bed. Of course! So creative!
 This is how she draws her Dad now...with big muscles! lol 
I got to be the scout leader for the day and go to Camp Fife with the 8 and 9 year olds. Kevin was sweet enough to work from home all day so that I could go. I only had 5 boys so it wasn't too crazy! ;)
Love these candid shots of the boys playing keep away in the field
Scott is a natural rock climber apparently. I didn't realize there was an easy and a hard side and just stuck him on the hard side and he got up it so fast he blew everyone away. Guess we need to take him more often!
 They even won the cheer stick over the other 11 groups from their super awesome cheer at the end of the day
It was a fun day! I am such a believer in scouting! Love it!

June 4, 2014

Kevin's birthday was on Sunday!
(Doesn't he resemble perfectly to the portrait Hailey drew of him on the poster? lol)
We went to church and meetings and all of that fun stuff, and then came home, changed, and took a drive up the mountains. We went up Logan canyon and did the entire loop through and ended up in Hyrum-blacksmith canyon. It was pretty awesome. We picked flowers along the way and stopped to throw rocks in the stream too :)
 Birthday boy with his kiddos
 We did kind of a luau themed "party", had pizza and Kevin wanted strawberry shortcake for his cake. (I wanted chocolate, so made some chocolate cupcakes too)
 Look at all those candles! Whoop Whoop! ;)
 See? I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted chocolate!
It was a fun day! Kind of a let down on a Sunday, and not on the beach in Mexico, but still it was great to celebrate Kevin and how wonderful and great he is! :) Happy Birthday Babe!